About Us

The homepage of the 300 squadron promotion team has been set up to inform you about our exercises, broadcasts and daily activities. On the website you can find photos and news articles for information or promotional purposes.

Due to the high demand for merchandise, the promotion team has responded with the option to order (part of) our patches online through this webshop. All patches and merchandise we sell are primarily designed for the purpose of being worn during a mission or exercise and to generate an identity for the squadron during this mission or exercise.

Not all patches worn on the part are available for sale. Some items are only sold in a limited edition. This choice is made to ensure that the real collector can also make something from his or her collection and so that the value of these patches remains fixed. with a limited edition it is also no longer possible to obtain such patches afterwards (via the webshop or during shows).

In most cases, the normal items can be ordered or delivered from stock.